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Spacemasks - 5 Masks Spacemasks - 5 Masks 1

Spacemasks - 5 Masks

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When you’re feeling tired and stressed out it can be hard to switch off. Luckily, Spacemasks are here to make it a little easier to unwind. Infused with mood-calming jasmine, they help to soothe the senses for a much-needed moment of calm. Plus, a thin layer of iron filings inside the mask entwine with oxygen molecules in the air so it gently heats up on your skin. And relax…


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How to use it

Open up the pouch and place over your eyes – hooking the elastics over your ears to keep it in place. Leave for 15 minutes while you sit back and enjoy some time out.


  • essence of jasmine
  • iron powder
  • water
  • carbon
  • salt