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When we started Birchbox, we set out to make the world of beauty and grooming simple.

What we’ve learned along the way is that Birchbox is about so much more than that.

If you’ve ever felt overlooked by the beauty industry’s impossible, exclusive standards; if you’ve ever felt overwhelmed by the excess of choices, ingredients, routines, products; if you’ve ever felt like you just can’t keep up (which is nuts, because isn’t this stuff supposed to make you feel like your best self?) - we’re here for you.

We’re here for anyone and everyone who enjoys beauty and grooming stuff, but who isn’t necessarily “obsessed” with it.

We’re here for all those who identify as Beauty Casual.

We’re a service for people who think of haircare and skincare and makeup as the extra cherry on top of a rich, busy life - not the ice cream, the bowl, and the spoon.

We believe in products that work, are simple to use, and make you look and feel great. That feeling you get when your monthly box arrives-of joy, of discovery, of: a few seconds just for me-that’s what Birchbox is about.

Racial Equity

For the Black members, Indigenous members, and People of Color within our company and the beauty casual community to be and feel authentically seen at Birchbox. We intentionally partner with BIPOC-founded, owned, and run beauty brands, making it easy for our community to shop with their values while finding products that suit their needs. We're focused on building an inclusive work environment where people feel welcomed and can succeed. We audit and innovate company-wide practices to best serve our BIPOC subscribers and customers.


To make it easy for you, our community, to work eco-friendly, sustainably-minded choices into your daily beauty and grooming routine. We’re focused on three areas: Reducing waste Recyclability Reusability

Empowering Women

As a woman-run, led, and founded business, we’re committed to lifting up and celebrating women in the beauty industry to honor their accomplishments. We intentionally partner with women-founded, owned, and run beauty brands, making it easy for our community to shop with their values while finding product that suit their needs. We engage in opportunities to speak to and mentor women in all stages and types of careers. We partner with omen-founded, owned, owned and run companies and non-profits with women-centered missions.