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Sarah Chapman Facialift Sarah Chapman Facialift 1
Sarah Chapman

Sarah Chapman Facialift

We may not be able to afford a professional facial everyday, but we can give our faces a massage to rival the best of them thanks to this cutting-edge tool from Sarah Chapman. The unique facial massager is crafted with 8 heads and a whopping 48 massaging nodules to cling comfortably to the skin and stimulate and relax the muscles. It mimics the fast tapping, pinching, and knuckling motions of the iconic Skinesis massage to boost circulation, drain toxins, and reduce puffiness - guaranteeing a glowing complexion.


How to use it

Push and roll the Facialift from the centre of the face out, allowing the wishbone to separate on each side of the jaw. Use it on dry skin, or with any of your skincare products to boost their effectiveness.