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27 April 2021

The Beauty Benefits of Music

It prevents inflammation
Listening to the right music will help you unwind and relax your muscles, encouraging blood flow and reducing the general level of stress and inflammation in your body - that means less chances of breaking out.

It reduces eye puffiness and dark spots
Better blood circulation - that means less swelling and puffiness in the body, including the eyes. If that’s not enough, certain types of relaxing music work wonders against insomnia, giving your body a chance to regenerate and steer away from dark circles in the morning.

Boosts Dopamine - the ‘feel good’ hormone
That’s right! Every time we experience chills or goosebumps when listening to our favourite notes, we are giving ourselves a shot of dopamine, the ‘feel good’ factor. Now it’s no secret - we all look better with a smile on our face!

Still not convinced? You can achieve even better results by following this bonus tip:

Sing along!
Research shows that singing regularly will result in an improvement in facial muscle tone. So if you’re already the lead singer in your shower - congratulations. You’ve pushed back the clock on the effects of ageing skin!

With your May Birchbox, we’re encouraging you to find your unique beat, turn up the volume and dance to your own rhythm. Our team has curated an entire Spotify playlist made up of the songs that get them bopping and happy or in the mood for some well-deserved TLC pampering. We’d love to know what your ultimate feel-good tunes are, so each week throughout the month of May, we will be asking for music suggestions from you via our stories on @BirchboxUK and adding them to our playlist. We can’t wait to see them!