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8 April 2022

How your skin benefits from healthy food

Skin health is affected by many factors. Some can have a negative effect, such as tobacco, alcohol and pollution, and worsen the skin’s condition. Lack of sleep or poor sleep quality can also influence the deterioration of the skin and make it look more fatigued.

Another aspect to take into account is stress. If we suffer constant and prolonged stress, our skin will be more prone to develop acne or other problems. If you feel like stress may be affecting your skin, some great activities to help us relax include physical exercise, meditation or yoga.

A diet based on ultra-processed products, such as those made with refined sugars and poor quality fats, promotes an inflammatory environment in our body. Our skin can be affected, making it more prone to the appearance of imperfections, in addition to losing its vitality. A relationship has been found between diets high in ultra-processed foods and the appearance of acne or existing acne getting worse. This is because this type of food raises insulin, promotes the accumulation of fat, especially visceral fat, and all this has a hormonal impact that can worsen acne or make it worse.

To improve skin health, it is advisable to reduce the consumption of refined flours, refined sugars, juices, soft drinks, refined fats and bakery products. In short, ultra-processed products.

We can help improve skin health by basing our diet on whole foods. This will not only nourish us on the inside, but on the outside too! Plant-based foods, such as fruits and vegetables, greens, nuts and legumes, are protective foods. They contain phytochemicals, which are bioactive compounds present only in plants, that have antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and hormone-regulating effects. They are also beneficial for the microbiota. The fibre provided by protective foods is fermented by the bacteria of the intestinal microbiota. A healthy microbiota will improve the condition of the skin.

Of course, it is also important to maintain good hydration. The best way to hydrate is undoubtedly water. However, other healthy ways to provide hydration to the body are teas, infusions, soups and broths. Fruits, vegetables and greens have a high percentage of water in their composition, so they will also contribute to maintaining optimal hydration.

Although it may seem like a good option, fruit juices are not one of the healthy choices for hydration. When the fruit is squeezed, the sugar is released from its food matrix and the fibre is eliminated. Therefore, it would be better for you to eat the fruit than just drink a fruit juice!

In the end, a healthy and active lifestyle, with a diet based on whole foods, will help you to be healthier and your skin look more radiant! But, we won’t tell if you have the occasional treat, we do too.