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29 November 2021

Changes to your winter skincare routine

Want to know how? Let us recommend some changes to your daily routine, explain why they are beneficial and suggest a product for you to add to your wishlist.
Lip balm is your best friend
During winter, because of the changes in temperature, the wind, the rain, (and now the added face mask), your lips can have a hard time. To avoid excess dryness and eventual cracking, use a lip balm daily.
We love the ARROW lip oil. It contains natural butters and oils to nurture and hydrate your lips. It also has a glossy finish that will add a final touch to any look.

If you’re more likely to choose lip balms over oils, you can also try this Pixi Shea Butter lip balm. The shea butter nourishes and hydrates your lips to combat dryness. Show off your lips this winter!

Movies, blankets and face masks
With the cold settling in, who doesn’t want to spend more time at home? At the end of a long day, or a Sunday afternoon, add a face mask to your movie marathon so when you get the recharge you deserve, so does your skin!
Be sure to pick a facial mask that works for your skin type:
If you have dry skin, you can go for a hydrating mask like this Caudalie Moisturising Mask. In just 15 minutes let this mask reduce tightness and deeply moisturise leaving your skin looking luminous and healthy.
If you have combination or oily skin, the Nuxe Exfoliating and Unifying Mask helps unclog pores to eliminate the excess oil in just 2 minutes!
Finally, if you have sensitive skin or only want a brief moment to disconnect, we recommend you try the GLAMGLOW Berryglow Probiotic Recovery Mask. Its creamy texture and antioxidant-rich berry formula will help calm your skin right away.

Keep skin on your face, body and hands well hydrated
Your skin suffers just as much as your lips during winter. It somehow always tends to dry out, especially the skin on your hands. Carrying a hydrating hand cream with you so you can moisturise as soon as your skin starts feeling dry and flakey is always a good idea.
This Human+Kind Hand, Elbow and Feet Cream tackles all dry spots in one go! AND it’s designed to be carried in your handbag, makeup bag or backpack. It contains cocoa butter and fruit oils that will leave skin feeling soft and hydrated right away.
Psst… Even if the days are shorter, don’t forget to use SPF daily. It is the key to maintaining young, healthy and radiant skin!
Which changes do you make in your routine as winter arrives? Subscribe to Birchbox this month and discover new products to renew your routine.
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