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29 November 2021


So, in the hope that you too will share with us your little-big victories from this year, here's what we are celebrating this year at the Birchbox team:

Sonsoles (Impact & Sponsorships) "I am celebrating having learned to prioritize and dedicate quality time to what is most important and what I love most in the world: my family and friends".

Shantall (Content Team) "I am very proud to have graduated this year and to have won the best thesis award".

Raquel (Customer Service) "I am celebrating becoming a mom, and although my little girl has everything to learn, she teaches me new things every day".

Sahi (Management Team) "I am celebrating that this year, after this global pandemic that we have had to live through, I have finally been able to reunite with my parents, who live in Cuba, and that they have been able to meet my youngest daughter and enjoy all their grandchildren as a family.

Nuria (Brands Team) "I'm happy to have found a job and to be part of this wonderful team!"

Natalia (Content Team) "I have learned to live in the moment, let myself go and get out of my comfort zone. This has led me to live unique experiences, which I would never have lived if I hadn't done it".

Jessica (Marketing Team) "This year, I am celebrating that after a lot of searching, I have finally found an apartment with lots of windows and I have decorated it really nicely".

What are you celebrating this year that makes you proud?

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