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6 July 2022

4 tips for better habits

This July, we want you to define your version of a healthy habit and help you to keep it! The best hack for achieving your resolutions and goals is to easily incorporate them into your daily routine. So how, you might ask, do we do this? Look no further…

1. Find your motivation

The reason behind a habit is really important, it has to be something that truly motivates you and gives you a feeling of reward once completed.

Let's do an exercise together. Think of a habit you want to start. For example, ‘I want to read more.’ Now ask yourself. "Why do I want to start this habit? In my case, after a day spent on screens, reading is such a great escape and I’m able to disconnect from the world for a bit. When I’m done, I am in a better mood and more relaxed. This would be my reason for implementing this habit: to give myself a break to disconnect.

What would be yours?

It is crucial that your motivation is something that moves you, not other people. If for instance you don’t love reading and it’s not how you’d choose to disconnect, this habit might not be the best one to choose. Look for something that interests you.

2. Be realistic about your goals

Whatever your day-to-day looks like, make sure you don’t take on too much and be realistic about what you can manage. For instance, aiming to get up at 5am every day isn’t the best idea if you're getting home late after work and have social commitments.

Ask yourself this: How much time do I have for this habit? How long is it going to take? How often am I going to do it?

Be careful not to bite off more than you can chew! If we’re implementing a habit into our routine that’s different from our normal day-to-day, we’ll need to start gradually. It's like going swimming at the British seaside- if we go slowly, we get used to the temperature, if we dive in straight away, we end up feeling freezing!

3. In the long run, it's better to be consistent than perfect.

No two days are the same, and sometimes things we didn’t expect crop up (your friends want to go out for dinner or you've left work later than planned). Having the ability to restructure your day in the face of unexpected circumstances will help you stay consistent.

And remember! Skipping your habit for a day is OK, tomorrow is a new opportunity.

4. Experiment and have fun!

There is no strict science or rule about how you should structure your habits in order to stick to them (it would be easier if there was, wouldn't it?!). If a habit is too difficult for you to do first thing in the morning before you’re running out to work, maybe it's better to find another time for it in the day. Or if you're not able to do it before you go to bed, try doing it before you're too tired. You have to find the best time for your habits in your daily life.

One final thought..

Find someone to share your habit with! When we know when other people are involved and committing to a goal too it can be so much more motivating. Use this as your cue to message your friend and get that healthy habit started!