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29 October 2021

4 benefits plants have on your mental health

However, you don’t need to leave your home to take advantage of all these benefits. Simply taking care of houseplants can already do so much for your mental health:

Improve your relationships
It has been found that people that spend long periods of time with plants have better personal relationships. The reason for this is because taking care of plants increases your compassion levels, making you more likely to help others and worry about their wellbeing.

Increase your energy levels
Being surrounded by plants also makes you feel more energetic.

Reduce stress and anxiety
A study in Japan showed that having a plant to care for, or to simply look at, in your day-to-day work space can reduce both physical and psychological stress. Sounds like the perfect excuse for having a baby cactus on your desk.

Better focus
Other studies assure that being close to plants helps you focus on whatever task is at hand, and as a result the outcomes are better.

When you care for your plants, you are dedicating a moment to disconnect from everything else and this, even if just for the mental clarity it gives you, has many benefits. We hope that if you haven’t already, ask a friend for a cutting or go to the gardening store closest to you to get your favourite plant. You deserve it.