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3 June 2019

5 Hair Mask Tips No One Tells You

We know you’ve mastered the basics of indulging in a super–smoothing hair mask whenever you can find five minutes, but here are some top secret tips to help you really tackle those knots and fight the frizz.

1. A Little Goes A Long Way

We get it, hair masks can sometimes seem a little pricey – but you don’t have to use half of the tub every time you want that salon-fresh feel. Coco & Eve’s Insta-famous Super Nourishing Coconut & Fig Hair Mask) averages around 12 applications per tub and you could even use less, depending on the length of your hair. The decadent formula is so potent that even a tiny amount will improve texture, increase shine and revive your locks!

2. Catch Some Zzz’s

You’re meant to treat your tresses to Amika’s SOULFOOD nourishing mask for just five minutes… But we’ve got news for you, leaving it on overnight is A-okay too! The longer the restorative treatment is on, the better. Simply wash it out the following morning and you’ll discover soft, silky hair. Bonus tip: pop on a shower cap to protect your pillows and trap heat, which will make the mask work even harder.

3. A Comb Is Your Best Friend

Ant & Dec, Thelma & Louise, Beyonce & Jay Z, everyone’s got a sidekick and Coco & Eve do too! Their full-size mask package comes with a pastel coloured brush that’s hard on tangles but easy on your hair. Let the teeth glide through your saturated strands and distribute the formula evenly to ensure every teeny tiny hair is covered. Trust us on this one!

4. We're Too Lazy To Shampoo, Too

Time runs away with us sometimes and we just don’t have the energy to shower, shampoo and treat our hair. Well, here’s a time-saving hack for future masking sessions – just apply to dry hair! Contrary to popular belief (and hair mask instructions) you’ll still reap the benefits of a hydrating, detangling and all-round nourishing treatment like Amika’s even if you slather it on without washing your tresses. Combine this with Tip 2 and you can wake up, shampoo, rinse, and say hello to luscious locks (and a way faster nighttime routine!).

5. Stay Away From Your Scalp… Unless

Usually, a deeply-hydrating and shine-enhancing hair mask is only beneficial for the mid-lengths and ends, not all of your hair. This is because your scalp is likely to be far more oily, and heavy duty masks like Coco & Eve’s (chock-full of nourishing ingredients like argan oil and shea butter) will just add more unwanted moisture to your roots. But for those who have a dry scalp or afro-textured hair, the strengthening and moisturising properties will work wonders. Oily scalp? Save the formula for the ends of your hair and embrace the split end-sealing magic.