This April: TWO 'Royally Good' box designs in celebration of the arrival of the Royal Baby #2… Which one will you receive?

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The Monthly Box

Receive five personalised beauty samples every month, tailored to your profile. Try cult brands, up-and-coming lines, and everything in between.

Remember, your box will be filled with samples personalised specifically to your Beauty Profile, (you will also never get the same samples twice, so you can expect a surprise every month!).

Discover The Box
Discover The Box

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What People Are Saying About Us

  • “Definitely a 'tear it open as soon as it lands on my desk' experience. Although usually to an audience of nosey colleagues”

    - Phoebe

  • “I am so impatient and I open mine as soon as I have it. I love the surprise it’s like a little mini Christmas every month”

    - Steph

  • “When it comes to my Birchbox I have no self control! As soon as it arrives I can't wait to tear it open, pamper myself with all the goodies inside and then get right on the phone to my mum and girls to let them know all about this month's surprises and little beauty gems”

    - Roxie

  • “I open mine on my own with no distractions, then go straight onto the Birchbox site to discover a bit more about the brands I've received”

    - Lucy

  • “When I get home from work and my box is waiting for me, I'm tearing it open before I've even taken off my coat!”

    - Ailsa

  • “I am always happy with Birchbox and wait in anticipation every month. I am like a child in a sweetshop when I have my brand new and unopened Birchbox in my hands!”

    - Mary

  • “I really enjoyed my Birchboxes, they are a fantastic idea and such lovely packaging!”

    - Pauline

  • “I always open mine straight away! Receiving my Birchbox always feels like an unexpected gift.”

    - Christina

  • “I always rip mine open and look at all the goodies I've received. I then proceed to show off my box to everyone else in the office who oohs and aahs at the contents, I'm well on my way to signing most of the office up!”

    - Aimee

  • “As soon as my Birchbox arrives I can't wait to open it!!! It feels like Christmas each month.”

    - Rae

Discover The Box
Get a monthly box of five personalized beauty samples.
Get a monthly box of personalized grooming samples, plus a stylish accessory.