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Urban Veda Purifying Daily Facial Wash

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Using natural ingredients alongside the principles of Ayurveda, Urban Veda helps you to protect your skin from the pollution of the modern world. This facial wash is naturally formulated with cold-pressed neem oil – an excellent antibacterial tonic that helps treat blackheads and excess sebum. Botanical extracts also work to reduce shine, while naturally astringent herbals help to minimise pores. A clear complexion is just around the corner! 150ml

How to Use

Apply daily to wet face and massage using gentle circular movements. Rinse with cold water to tighten pores and combat shine.

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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

Great product for my oily but fussy skin

A lovely facial wash for my oily, easily-clogged up skin. My face feels clean and refreshed, without the skin being irritated. It banishes the dreaded oily sheen for a decent part of the day, too! Those blessed with less greasy skin might find it a bit drying but, for me, it's a nearly perfect fit. I've noticed improvements in my skin steadily since I began using this product daily, and I hope it continues with my next purchase!

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Great product just not for me.

I bought this because I do tend to suffer from blackheads along my t-zone and had been using Urban Veda's Radiance Daily Facial Wash but wanted to see if this was any better.
I would say this is too drying on other parts of my face but it is still a great product and feels very refreshing. I don't use this daily but it is still good for when my face is very oily or feeling really dirty!

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