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A fantastic plumping mascara with a fantastic name to match!

theBalm® cosmetics “what’s your type” - Tall, Dark, And Handsome Mascara

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Staying in a long-term relationship with a mascara has always been a challenge – our wandering eyes have trouble committing to a single formula for too long. Go ahead and play the field with theBalm®’s choices. Take your pick from two fabulous formulas: “tall, dark, and handsome” adds dramatic length to sparse lashes, while the body builder boosts volume for a full, luscious fringe. Both jet black mascaras give you instant drama and hours of long-lasting wear. Made with natural olive and rice wax, “tall, dark, and handsome" lengthens, while its tapered brush separates lashes for extra definition.

How to Use

Holding the wand horizontally, wiggle it from base of your lashes to the tips. Apply two coats for an extra oomph.

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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

Stop what you are doing and buy this now!

For a while now the only mascara that really got my lashes looking the way I like them came with a hefty pickle of a price that was just about birthday present worthy!! I've since survived on BirchBox mascara samples that I have been lucky enough to recieve in plentiful amounts adding water to them like a mascara peasant to lengthen their life because let's be honest as splendid a size I find them they aren't as long lasting as a full size product. This mascara is not only very competitive in price to to my normal tipple but it is just as wonderful! Even more in fact! I literally love theBalm as a master maker of beauty products anyway after trying out some splendid samples so, as I had some cheeky points to spend, I jumped ship and pressed the add to basket button trusting my instincts that this tall, dark and handsome menace of a mascara would come through! It arrived in all it's funky little ways and slipped out of the box like it had a mission to complete! It's not clumpy at all, The brush size is perfect and it clings wonderfully to each Lash and looks beautifully natural!! It's completely non smudgy ways mean my usual watery eyes that react to the horrendous pollen and leave me looking like a panda by the time I've walked to work are clear and twinkly! It Just leaves me with lovely little lashes and if I fancy a fierce approach to life I double coat!! I very much reccomend this and genuinely believe that if you too jump into the unknown with this fancy little funster of a beauty product you most certainly will not regret it!!

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I'd never used this brand before but there's no going back for me now! It's easy to apply, gives my lashes so much more length with no claggy bits and lasts all day. I'll definitely be buying this product again!

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Reviews are true......

Bought this based on the reviews and wow! My lashes are so long, no clumps, easy to use. My go to mascara from now on. Love it!

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It's a nice mascara, I'm not sure ive got the application down just yet as it's a long wand and not the shape I'm used to but I'm getting there.

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Fab mascara!!

Love love love this mascara! Great length which is what i wanted. Also doesn't clump or flake off. Would definitely recommend.

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