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For more colour genius from theBalm, try the NUDE 'tude™ Nude Eyeshadow Palette.

theBalm Balm Jovi

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Birchbox Breakdown

Despite our perpetual Beyoncé obsession, our dreams of musical stardom have faded over the years. But thanks to this rock star palette, we can look like we’re ready to take centre stage at a moment’s notice. With 12 shadows, a powder highlighter, a blush and two lip and cheek creams, it — wait for it — hits all the right notes. The 12 shadows range from Third Eye Blinded; a shimmery pink, to The Stroke; a matte black. For perfectly rosy cheeks, sweep on peachy pink powder blush Don't You Want Me? For lips and cheeks, Milly offers a dusky rose tint and Vanilly is a pigmented berry hue. Eyeshadows 10.8g, Highlighter 4g, Blush 2.8g, Creamy Cheek & Lip 4g.

How to Use

Mix and match the shadows to create any look you desire or stay fresh-faced by applying a hint of blush to cheeks and adding highlighter to your cheekbones. Dab on a little lip and cheek tint and you’re ready to go.

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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

Love Love Love ❤️

Lusted after this palette for a while until I decided to go for it with some birchbox points I'd been saving...
It was well worth the lust, I use it daily for simple and dramatic looks and get compliments wherever I go! The shadows are all buttery and apply beautifully, they layer well with each other and alot of them double as liners. The highlighter and blush are very effective either singly or together, and are well chosen to complement the available eye colours. The lip/cheek creams are cleverly kept separate from the powders to avoid that annoying dusty palette scenario which is a good start. I don't use them on my cheeks but they stay well on the lips; the lighter shade is sheeny and subtle, the red shade is very red and leaves a great stain even after it has worn off. Really couldn't recommend this palette more, the packaging design it great, the contents offer endless makeup possibilities, it's wonderfully portable - and the cardboard packaging makes it pretty shockproof, great for chucking in a bag and heading out of the door - and I'll definitely be buying again with or without birchbox points when it runs out, although it's lasting well so far even with heavy use so I don't think it'll be soon! If you're even thinking about buying this, just do it, you will not regret it xxx

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Really good pallet

I received this item after eyeing it up for a while. To start with the colours are fantastic. It offers a wide range of colours that can be adapted to suit either a natural look or a more dramatic one. The colours blend effortlessly and the pigmentation is fantastic. I use the benefit air patrol eye primer under it which helps is stay in place all day. I purchased this pallet purely for the shadows but the highlight has really surprised me. It's my new favourite. The blusher is really pigmented and you don't need to use to much of it meaning that it it is going to last. There are also 2 lipstick pods which I don't usually like in pallet's but these are so pretty. I like that they have covered them up so that the shadow doesn't go into it. The packaging is lightweight and compact meaning that you can take this anywhere with you in your handbag or for traveling. This is definetly my new favourite pallet anyway. Really impressed with it.

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Eyes, Cheeks, Strobing and more

This is a brilliant palette, the eye shadows are all wearable and well pigmented. The darker shadows double up as liners, there is a good combination of sparkle and matt.
The highlighter leaves a beautiful light golden sheen and the blusher complements it well.

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Great buy

Such a nice palette. Ideal for travelling as there's everything you need in a slim package. The eyeshadows are all creamy and pigmented, and there are a good selection of matte and shimmery shades for both day and evening looks. The highlighter is the same as the classic Mary Loumanizer (I swatched both and they're identical), and the blush is lovely too. The 2 lip colours are covered by a separate flap which is ingenious, and are nice and creamy. Not the longest wearing but pretty average. Last much longer over the top of a liner. The palette is really fun too and I love the names. Would take this away on holiday with no other eye/cheek products. Really nice!

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Great colours. Lasting power. Easy to build by layering and blends well. Even the colours you wouldn't usually wear are definitely worth a go.

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