Birchbox Points are changing! From 3rd May 2017 Birchbox Points will be replaced by Birchbox Benefits, your new subscriber loyalty programme. Find out more about Birchbox Benefits here.

Birchbox Points are what you earn when you review your monthly beauty treats, refer your friends to Birchbox, or shop with us The Birchbox Shop. They translate into currency that can be used to purchase any full-size products in The Birchbox Shop. 100 Birchbox Points equals £10 to spend, and Points can be redeemed in increments of 100.

We’re glad you asked – it’s super easy! Here are a few ways to start raking in the rewards:

1) Get shopping. You earn 1 Point for every £1 you spend. Buy a £15 face cream? That’s 15 points – the equivalent of earning 10% of your order back! As soon as you hit 100 Points, you’ve got £10 to spend. Time to start shopping?

2) Review your monthly beauty treats. Every month, subscribers can review the beauty treats received in their monthly Birchbox. Make sure you fill them in each month to earn over £5 worth of points each time (that’s half the cost of your monthly subscription!). Fill in your surveys!

3) Refer friends. Spread the word about Birchbox, and you’ll earn 50 Birchbox Points (yep, that’s £5!) for every friend who joins us. Even better? They’ll also get £5 off their first box so you can really share the love! Start referring now!

As soon as you hit 100 Birchbox Points, you unlock £10 to spend at Points can be used to purchase full-size products from all of our amazing brands at The Birchbox Shop.

Simply add your chosen items to your shopping cart and hit the “Checkout” button (if you’re not already signed in, the next screen will prompt you to sign into your account). Continue through the checkout process. When you get to the Payment Information section, you’ll see a box that says “Use my rewards points.” When you click it, your Points will be deducted in increments of 100.

Please note, you must have at least 100 Points before you can start spending, and Points are always deducted in increments of 100. For example, if you have 200 Points and your order is £19, you will be charged 200 Points. Points are not redeemable for cash.

How many Points do I have?
You can check your Points balance at any time on your account page.

Do Points expire?
Points expire six months from the date they were first earned. Your account page links to your Points history, which displays the dates when your Points were accrued.

Anything else?
If there’s anything that we haven’t covered here or if you need further clarification on Birchbox Points then visit our Help Centre for more information, and our contact details.

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