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For a more intensive treatment, try the Philip Kingsley Stimulation Scalp Mask. Perfect for encouraging blood circulation while helping to improve hair texture, it's a must if haircare is high on your priority list.

Philip Kingsley Scalp Toner - 75ml

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So your scalp doesn't matter, right? Wrong. Your scalp is hugely important and as the first brand to recognise that a healthy scalp is as important as healthy hair, the trailblazing Philip Kingsley is one range with which we should all become acquainted. The Scalp Toner should be used post shampoo and conditioner to really give your hair the benefits of a 360 degree treatment. Rehydrating and energising, it stimulates blood supply to the scalp, absorbs excess oil and protects against flaking. The leave-in formula is fragrance free. 75ml

How to Use

Lightly towel your dry hair and apply from the tube nozzle directly. Distribute with fingertips. Do not rinse. Comb through and style as usual. Can be reapplied when required on your wet or dry scalp/hair.

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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

Love It - Will Purchase Again!!

As a sufferer of psoriasis my scalp has always been a bit of a problem area. I used this product in combination with the Scalp Mask and worked a treat to get to alleviating my dry scalp issue.

Will definitely be buying again!

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I love it

I've used this product and other Philip Kingsley products previously as my hair was falling out, completely fixed it. I've not used this product for a few years so when I was scrolling through looking for something to spend my points on I just HAD to get this!! I love the fresh feeling of it when running through my hair & my dry scalp always clears up after use!! To be 110% effective if recommend to use with the shampoo & conditioner.

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Fantastic for dry scalp

Fantastic for dry scalp my scalp gets dry and flaky at the front no matter what shampoo I'm using (and I use decent shampoos) this toner has completely stopped the dryness and flaking and dies not make my hair greasy at all although I have very thick hair that doesn't really get greasy anyway all in all a fab product

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Incredible results

I have recently been suffering from a dry scalp which gets flaky and it makes me very self-conscious, and had yet to find a solution. This product worked like an absolute charm after just the first application! It felt great going on and I haven't had any scalp dryness whatsoever. I also haven't needed to reapply the scalp toner in between washes at all. I highly recommend this product.

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It works

I suffer from an occasional dry scalp along the hair line and my centre parting but this worked a treat! Even after the first application I noticed a huge difference and 2 weeks in, not a flake in sight. My only grumble is that my hair now needs washing a couple of days earlier than it used to. I Would highly recommend this to anyone

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