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The limited edition Beach Sandies Liquid Sand set – packed with neon, textured matte shades – from OPI's spring/summer 2014 Brazil launch is a must-try.

OPI Nail Envy Soft & Thin

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Birchbox Breakdown

OPI's adored assortment of nail lacquers, renowned for its top-notch formulas and clever names, has built up quite the faithful global following – including us! Featuring their proven Nail Envy technology, the Soft & Thin formula is enriched with extra calcium and a blend of sea minerals, formulated especially to fortify and strengthen weak, soft and thin nails. 15ml.

How to Use

Apply two coats to your bare nail and then apply one coat every other day to maintain your treatment. Then, you can use it as your base coat under lacquer to maintain nail health and strength.

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Waiting to see....

I LOVE OPI....they are my number one brand. I've used the regular nail envy on my nails for over 20 years and I recommend it to EVERYONE. I bought the thin and peeling version for my 11 year old. She is just starting to take an interest in her nails and they are very thin, peeling and papery. I have every faith in OPI as a brand and I'm sure that proper use (I shall be monitoring it's use) will soon strengthen and improve them.

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