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For nourishment without the shimmer, try NUXE Huile Prodigieuse®.

NUXE Huile Prodigieuse® OR Multi-Usage Dry Oil Shimmer - 50ml

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Birchbox Breakdown

Subtle shimmer? Coco Chanel fabulous. Gaudy glitter, on the other hand - more like fashion faux pas. This Parisian brand’s iridescent oil strikes the optimal balance between sophisticated, fun, and just plain good for you. Six essential oils, plus Vitamin E, leave face, body, and hair soft and silky. Better yet, microscopic flecks of golden shimmer deliver a subtle glow, perfect to set off your favourite party frock.

How to Use

Work a few drops of the oil into the skin of your décolleté and blend to enhance your collarbone, or apply to your arms and legs for the full shimmery effect. You can also smooth a small amount into your hair for eye-catching locks.

Borage, Sweet Almond, Hazelnut, St John's Wort, Camelia, Macadamia

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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

Pure Luxury in a Bottle

This feels like one of the most luxurious treats I have ever bought for myself! With Halloween and Christmas (eek!) not that far away, this product will be used for every party and event I attend. It smells amazing - a proper, grown up, elegant scent with an expensive feel to it. The at least 95% natural ingredients are evident in the quality of the product. The oils in it are simply divine. And when I say oils, it's not oily like an oil slick either - it really is a 'dry oil', so that skin doesn't look like it's been coated in petroleum jelly or anything like that, but instead beautifully moisturised, scented and with the most elegant shimmer I have ever seen. Not to mention the bottle looks awesome on my dressing table! I am pretty much convinced that I will now always need to have the product in my life.

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Gold star rating

I really do love this product. It is so subtle but incredibly effective. I patted a tiny amount on my cheek bones, cupids bow, just above my eyebrows and on my collar bone to create a halo of light. A little dab on the shins too to give legs a slimming effect and then on the ends of my pony tail. Apparently, every time my hair moved it glowed according to my friends. Ok I shouldn't need this, but I do need this. It made me glow and glowing is great!

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This product simply is divine. Unfortunately I do find that these products are full-size products are quite expensive. I might actually invest in some of these products though because they are just fantastic. They smell great the application is great and I just can’t sing the praises of this product enough.

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Golden shoulders

Looks lovely on shoulders for extra glamour and with a tan. Also good on hair. One of my favourite products. More please.

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makes my skin glow to the gods and back...cant wait for it to be hot again so i can use it non stop =)

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