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Great make-up needs the right tools, so investing in good brushes is key. The Secret Camouflage Brush is this concealer's partner in crime and we highly recommend you use it.

Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage Concealer

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Birchbox Breakdown

The only job of a concealer is to cover imperfections and look natural. Laura Mercier's brilliant two-tone Secret Camouflage Concealer allows you to customise the shade to ensure it's right for you – once you've tried it, you'll rely on it for life. The oil-free formulation is long-wearing and even suitable for sensitive skin. Every box is ticked.

How to Use

Sweep a concealer brush three times in each colour, then use the back of your hand to blend until the shade's perfect. Wipe off excess product and use light stroke to apply areas that need most coverage - blemishes, shadows, scars, the area around the nose etc. Next, "pat" the product lightly with your fingertips and set with a loose powder. For the under-eye area, use your fingertips and set with a translucent powder.

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Most Helpful Customer Reviews


This product is definitely something I will be using for life, it covered my acne so well ! Very pleased with the product!

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Great for coverage

This is great for covering acne and scars,as long as you use a brush and ensure to warm up the product first. You can also mix with foundation for heavier all over coverage. It can settle in fine lines so not great for under eye coverage.

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Love it

This is such a nice all around concealer, and the colors are beautiful. Because of the texture it will even stay put on a raised red blemish and cover it (well as much as possible). It's good for under eye too, though not illuminating - good as first base.

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Its ok.

When I saw this product, I research lots and all I heard is good reports and positive feedback. However I must say its really not all that! For starters you must apply with your finger as it has to be warmed/rubbed to get any concealer out of the compact, secondly its cakey after a few hours and sits inn my lines making then extremely visible. Wouldn't recommend for dark circles I'm afraid.

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Too thick

I bought this after seeing it advertised. I have been using the same brand of concealer for about 15 years and thought I'd try a new one.
I have previously been using a liquid concealer as I felt that the application was easier, just a little dab with my fingers to blend.
I bought this and the Laura Mercier brush to apply it. It is not what I had hoped for. The cream is very thick and difficult to get the right coverage and because it stays soft I have found that it really creases. It also has the ability to make even the smallest patch of dry skin very visible.
I am definately not converted and I'm disappointed.
The brush was fine...just a brush.

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