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This departs a pretty pinky-nude tone to lips - very 60s!

Korres Jasmine Lip Butter Pot

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A firm beauty editor (and blogger) fave, these nourishing little pots offer a sheer nourishing sheen to the lips. Packed with shea butter and high in vitamins C and B, this balm hydrates and repairs chapped lips in need of some TLC. 10ml.

How to Use

Dab onto lips with finger and layer to build colour.

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I'm not really a big fan out lip balms/butter but I bought this as at work I find I get very dry and chapped lips and I was about to go away and tend to get cold sores if my lips dry out.

Well, I was very impressed, it doesn't feel heavy or greasy on your lips and keeps them moisturised. I even remained cold sore free despite the wind. Added bonus was that it smells lovely! Brilliant product for a decent price.

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This product is just what you need as the weather starts changing and your lips become a chapped mess. Its perfect for everyday wear and smells beautiful. Also, really like how there is a little plastic cover as you take the lid off, which stops the content of your handbag ending up in your lip balm.

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I have lusted after these lip butters for SO long. Finally holding it in my hand made me so happy..and the product is exactly as amazing as all the YouTubers make it out to be. Smooth, lovely scent and flavour(I swear it has hints of toffee/caramel). Just a slight tint of colour..just fantastic. Highly recommend!!

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Nice Lip Balm

I'm a total lip balm nut, but I'm also pretty picky about which ones I use. I loved everything I tried from Korres, and, jasmine being my favourite scent in the world, I decided to give this a try.
It's okay. The pot, as previously mentioned, is tiny - a regular feature among Korres products. The colour is nice and subtle, and the packaging is pretty.
It doesn't smell like jasmine. Both the scent and flavour are pleasant and subtle, but it's not jasmine.
The texture is also very disappointing, being quite sticky and sort of tacky. It goes smoothly onto the lips, though.
The biggest sin of all with this product in my books is that the main ingredient is an artificial oil. My heart sank the second I saw it, because I knew the product would be medicore with such ingredients. This is supposed to be a natural company!
Not terrible but not worth the price.

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Lovely Colour

I didn't think this would leave much of a colour but it does leave a really nice pinkish tone on the lips, not too obvious or shiny, and very flattering. The lip butter isn't oily and is nice and thick enough to know that it's really moisturising. Love this.

You can see more beauty reviews on my blog, Indy Elizabeth.

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