1 star at a push

i was really excited to use this as I love big hair. I'm glad I got it as a sample as I have used the same shampoo and conditioner for years but almost instantly after using this my head was itchy and on fire I thought just give it a few hours to see if the itchiness calms down. nope I scratched my head until it was so sore id broken the skin. also last thing on my mind was if it gave me any volume which for me it didn't. I think even if it did the itchiness was unbearable I wouldn't of bothered. over a week later and a trip to the drs using a lotion on my head and a special shampoo, plus tablets to help with the itchy I'm still not over it I have quite a few scabs from were I had itched that much so now I'm itchy for that reason now. I'm not too sure whats in this ive never had any allergies such as nuts dairy ect only thing I'm allergic to is cats.
altogether in prescriptions it has cost me almost £50.

if I'm to renew my subscription please do not ever send me this again

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