So affordable

I was quite sceptical before buying this product due to it being so low in price. I have spent ALOT of money over the last year or so on expensive branded products that promote they clear acne, blemishes and reduce redness only to be left with my skin feeling burnt and looking worse. This product has truely amazed me and prooved the marketing techniques of other high end branded products are purely to make money!
Firstly, This stuff smells beautiful. It is not at all greasey and to say it isn't full of oils a little goes a long way.
Secondly, since using this magical stuff my skin has felt sooo soft and has not become dry ATALL through out the day nor does this beauty irritate my skin like every other exfoliation I've tried!
Lastly, since using this I have had 2 at the max new spots appear (which I assume were already under the skin ready to appear) but they are not painful like usual and have disappeared quicker then usual!

Anyone looking for skin products to help with acne scarring, redness of blemishes this brand is truely amazing! Sorry for the long review but I feel I need to express my love for this stuff! Hope it helps someone else as much as it has me.

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