I am a fan of the beauty protector brand I've re purchased a few favourites and they still continue to please, but this item isn't in my opinion worth the money I purchased at 50% off at £12.50. My hair is highlighted slightly dry and long I can't say that it made a massive difference to be honest it feels soft but it did nothing more, the scent i thought smelled a bit off there was a slight hint of the classic beauty protector smell (I'd describe as warm vanilla sugar) but there was a clay type odour mixed with and i personally didn't care for it. I won't bash it as the worst product ever but I wouldn't recommend paying full price there are far better and similar performing leave in conditioners that you can find in Tesco,boots or Superdrug and at a much affordable price the price tag for me just Dosent justify the minimal that the product dose sorry but hard pass 

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