magic in a tub!

the smell of the pommade devine is unusual but I have come to very much love it. Kind of a cinnamon, strong morrocan oils kind of smell, hard to describe but whem I put it on I know magic is going to happen.
I bought this as an alternative treatment for my psoriasis as it has all natural ingreidients and thougjr I would give it a go, I have tried steroid creams, topical creams, coal tar shampoo's and treatments, t-gel shampoo's, everything. The next treatment my dermotologist was going to give me were tablets but they have side affects as long as my arm. So I wanted to try something different, last night for the first time I rubbed on a tiny little bit of this beautiful balm, I put it on my acne also and my chapped lips.
Woke up this morning my lips are soft and nurished, my spots are almost gone but my psoriasis is the best I have ever seen it in years, no treatment the doctors have give me for my face and scalp have ever got it this far. this is brilliant!!! Must buy! it is truly magic and a multi-purpose balm, use it on anything

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