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If one of these scents stands out from the crowd, check out the rest of the English Laundry For Him range to see what else they have on offer.

English Laundry Collection For Men

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Birchbox Breakdown

Like suits, shoes, or cocktails, your fragrance of choice is in a constant state of flux: depending on the season, the event, or even your mood. In a show of solidarity, English Laundry has created this game-changing kit, packed with four of the brands most unforgettable scents (20ml each). Includes the black-tie elegance of Riviera, the tropical cool of Tahitian Waters, the citrus fresh aroma of Notting Hill, and the spicy panache of Arrogant, so you're ready for any occasion.

How to Use

With four colognes to choose from, you won’t have any trouble picking a scent to suit your mood. Once you’ve made your selection, spritz each wrist once, then dab your neck for a slightly stronger aroma.

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English laundry men's set

I ordered this for my dad for Christmas, I haven't sprayed any of it so not sure on the scent but there is a good selection in the box. It's packaged nicely in a faux leather box but I must say the actual bottles look look a little bit cheap? It's the colour of the bottles and the lids but everything else is fine. I used £30 worth of points so only had to pay £16 which was a bargain 

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Amazing gift

Bought this for my husband...for his birthday. .loved all the fragrances...he was very pleased too...need bigger sizes please . As 20 ml doesnt last very long.

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