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Why not try Cellu-Cup's Slimming Oil to support your treatment.


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Finding something that really helps cellulite has been top of our lists for a while – so we were thrilled when our Birchbox France team discovered Cellu-cup. Designed by a physiotherapist and his wife who found she suffered from those pesky dimples post-pregnancy, the Cellu-cup is a simple silicone massage tool that allows you to recreate the iconic "skin pinch and roll technique" – the one that mirrors the efficiency of traditional Chinese suction cups used by massage professionals – from the comfort of your home. The technique is non-invasive, safe and works to break up the fat clusters that create that infamous 'orange peel' look. Simple and effective - we're sold!

How to Use

First, either lather soapy water over skin or apply a little massage oil to dry skin. Squeeze the air from your Cellu-cup and place it on the area to be treated. The pinching of the skin occurs immediately after you release your Cellu-cup. Then slide up and down the affected area. Please note: the Cellu-cup should be used regularly – it's not a permanent eraser of cellulite and the massage technique should be used alongside a healthy diet and exercise to increase sustained success.

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Great product!

This is a good product and i definitely feel like you can see results! Definitely a must have item for that bikini bod!

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It hurt

This really hurt at first and it felt sore!! But I carried on and it got easier!! It's time consuming but I'll try anything to get rid of cellulite. Not seen any results yet but I'll keep at it. It's worth a try and compared to creams etc its relatively well priced.

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