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Bonus: The multitasking formula works as a strengthening cuticle treatment and a nourishing hair oil.

Caudalie Divine Oil 50ml

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Birchbox Breakdown

We don’t know about you, but we never stop fighting the good fight against dry skin, especially come the winter months. Meet the most effective weapon in our arsenal. This dry oil hydrates parched skin and disappears in seconds without any residual stickiness or oiliness. And the scent is truly divine, with fresh notes of Moroccan and Bulgarian rose, grapefruit, vanilla, and the subtlest floral undertones. 50ml

How to Use

Apply to clean skin using circular upward motions. Apply a small amount to the palms of your hands and smooth evenly through damp or dry hair for extra shine and smoothness. To use a cuticle treatment, rub a small amount into the tops of your nail beds.

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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

Smells devine!

Gorgeous spray glass bottle, very classy. The oil's scent is divine andit really does makes your skin super soft. I would definitely recommend.

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This is a pleasant product. The smell is a little powdery for my tastes and the formula is quite thin. However, it is a nice dry oil in a decent bottle and there is a lot of product for the money.

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I love this oil - i have been suffering with a skin problem that the doctor prescribed a steroid cream for. It didn't totally work and i was hesitant to keep using it, especially under my eyes as the skin is already thin. In desperation i ordered this oil and couldn't be happier. I have been using it every day and night and it has made a vast improvement to my problem areas and to my skin in general. I have occasionally used it on my hair to add shine and manageability without grease. The aroma is just gorgeous too.

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Brilliant oil

The oil is absolutely fantastic it smells amazing and is not too greasy. It leaves your skin feeling smooth and hydrated.

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Lives up to the name!

This Divine oil is truly Divine! I purchased after hearing good things about it and after hearing one of the Beauty Experts rave about it during the Live Facebook chat on Customer Appreciation Day. Thanks so much for the recommendation! It hydrates instantly leaving skin smooth but not oily and has a really lovely scent. Looking forward to experimenting with it to add shine to my hair and as a cuticle oil but for now I think this might be a saviour to my often dry skin in the winter months! Thanks Birchbox!

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