Løv Organic, the organic tea that makes everyday life more beautiful.

Løv Organic is a range of organic teas and herbal teas that are both delicious and environmentally friendly: a choice of innovative and delicious blends in elegant eco-friendly packaging. Løv Organic stands out as the most decisive innovation in the organic and premium tea worlds alike. In Scandinavia, ‘løv’ means ‘leaf ’. The brand draws its inspiration from this region, where nature is omnipresent and inhabitants have long paired modernity and respect for the environment. Løv Organic has opted for a minimalist design, steeped in the Nordic culture. Adorned with vibrant colours and a stylised bird, a symbol of nature in need of protection, the reusable Løv Organic tins encourage consumers to adopt an eco-friendly attitude.

Løv Organic offers a selection of more than 40 organic whole leaf teas and herbal teas with subtle and refined aromas: classic teas and herbal teas (Earl Grey, Rose...), flavoured creations (Ginger-Lemon, Mint…) and innovative wellness blend such as Løv is Pure, a delicious blend of green tea and mate with citrus and apple notes or Løv is Zen, an exclusive herbal tea based on rooibos. These blends are available in different formats: loose tea, metal tins 100g, box of 20 tea bags (cotton muslin tea bags unbleached and free of staples or glue).

All Løv Organic products are certified organic by Ecocert and contain only natural flavours.