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For the commitment-phobe, this single sponge comes in classic pink!

beautyblender® Classic Single (Pink)

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Birchbox Breakdown

Eggs are nutritionally good for you for a lot of reasons and this egg-shaped beauty tool is good for your make-up, too! The beautyblender® make-up sponge was created without edges in order to eliminate visible lines and streaks. Use the sides of the sponge to seamlessly apply foundation and blush all over the face, while the pointed tip is great for applying base into small spaces and onto blemishes. This little egg-shaped miracle will leave your make-up base looking flawless.

Also available in our London Pop-Up Shop! Find us at 43 Carnaby Street.

How to Use

Wet the sponge and squeeze out excess water. Gently roll the beautyblender® against your face from side to side when applying make-up. This application technique, called stippling, blends make-up without creating changes in the texture or tone of your skin. You use beautyblender's pointed side for hard-to-reach spots like around the nose and mouth, and under the eyes. Let dry between uses.

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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

Applies most liquid makeups evenly but breaks

I have had two beauty blenders and I feel they get the best application out of my foundation, even though I definitely get through product quicker using them because even the wet sponge soaks up some product. It also makes my foundations apply slightly sheerer so if I want really full coverage I have to build it up slowly which adds time to my beauty regime but it is worth it for a more natural looking application. Overall very happy - just difficult to clean and if you accidentally stick your finger in it, it will break easily.

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great whilst it lasted...

was so excited to try this product after all the hype and it did give me flawless results until it came time to wash sponge and the pointed tip broke away as did the bottom bit whilst being washed with its cleanser and with tepid water! this was after just 2 uses, i loved the product but would not buy again at that price as it ripped and had to be binned :(

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I heard so many reviews on the beautyblender and never really believed the hype of it. I just got another well known make up sponge and thought that would be fine. Then I just decided I wanted to get it and I do not regret that one bit. Yes it is fairly pricey but it is completely worth it.
My foundation goes on like a dream and gives it an airbrushed finish which I cannot get with the other sponge or any brush. It is super light and just blends everything out - foundation, concealer, cream highlighter, bronzer and so on. Fantastic little sponge!

My only problem is that mine does take a day or two to dry which is a pain.

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Game changer!

It took me a while to make the splurge but I was persuaded by the hype and my closest friend swore by it. This beauty blender has completely changed my make up routine. I am now on my second and bought a third too. My skin has uneven areas of dryness and oil making applying my foundation a difficult process. I could never get it to sit right and was always spending money on different tools. Beauty blender applies my make up flawlessly, there is no other word! It's the texture, the shape and the softness I think, it's different to any other. I now walk confidentially out the house with my foundation on, plus I can use it with foundations that have proved difficult before. I would recommend washing each time if possible (my first grew little black specks of mould!)and also keep out in the open, I lay it on a clean tissue instead of resting it on the stand. The beautyblender cleanser is great but Johnsons baby shampoo is a fab alternative. Go for the splurge I would recommend to anybody!!

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Love it!!!

What to say about the beauty blender? It doesn't compare to any other sponge. Although the price is ridiculous for a sponge, the results are amazing.

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