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After you've set the details in place, try the classic beautyblender®for precise application of your foundation.

beautyblender® micro.mini

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One-fourth the size of the original, this mini blender can better reach the smaller areas of your face making it perfect for under your eyes and around your nose. Plus, it's great for pinpointing pesky areas (spots, we're looking at you!) and concealing them in a flash.

How to Use

Wet the sponge applicator, and squeeze out any excess liquid. Then, pick up a small amount of concealer, eye primer, or cream eye shadow and bounce on skin to distribute. To clean your sponge, saturate it with the liquid or solid blendercleanser®, work into a mild lather, and rinse in warm water.

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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

Love them!

I have the Original (Pink) BeautyBlender and absolutely love it so these micro.mini ones were even better. I usually tend to get creasing under my eyes and I also find that I get lines around the sides of my nose, so these were perfect for pushing the product into the skin and diminishing those lines. I usually prefer to do my eyebrows and eye-makeup before I do my face makeup and so these are perfect because they don't smudge what I have already applied. I've also tried the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion sponge and although they are good for everyday use, if it's a choice between the two, beautyblender is much better and will highly recommend.

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Arrived Damaged.

These sponges arrived damaged. I used one of them before noticing the other one had a chunk missing and I enjoyed using it. They are very small and are a litte difficult to use but with practice I think it would be easier. I returned mine as it was damaged but will purchase more.

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Great quality

You can't go wrong with the original beauty blenders. These are a great size for getting around the nose and around the under eyes. Would also be great for applying cream highlighter

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A cute product but a little small.

I bought the beauty blender mini's as a 100pt perk. I was very excited as I am a beauty blender fanatic but I found these too small to be terribly useful. Originally I used them to apply under-eye concealer but I found that my concealer then wouldn't blend into my foundation. They are the same gorgeous material as the regular beauty blender but I can't find many uses for them. Maybe for contouring the nose? Still not sure about them.

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Love them but easily damaged!

I really love these small beauty blenders, they are great for under the eye and around the nose area, however, I have only used one so far, but when spraying them with MAC fix + my nail when holding it, went straight into the sponge and split it, and it wasn't being pressured a lot, so I feel they need to make them a bit more durable, cos most of us girls have long nails or false nails, and iwas just so sad! :P

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