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This body wash is fab after flights to reinvigorate for a business meeting or can’t-miss breakfast.

Aromatherapy Associates Revive Body Wash

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When life takes its toll – too many late nights or a long flight – you need something extra to shake that feeling of fatigue. Enter Aromatherapy Associates Revive Body Wash. The combination of grapefruit and peppermint essential oils give you a mental boost, while marine extracts leave the skin soft and conditioned. Bergamot and neroli add a delicate scent that’s just divine. Aromatherapy Associates pride themselves on using only the best quality ingredients – nothing harmful or artificial – and ensure every ingredient plays a positive role in the product. 200ml.

How to Use

Use this in the shower, or add to warm running water for an invigorating bath.

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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

Not what I was hoping for :(

Having smelled the Revive body oil in a store and being delighted about how pungent and strong-smelling it was, I ordered this shower gel with high hopes. However, it barely smells of anything. I can detect a little grapefuit and peppermint but hardly anything else. I gave it a few tries but while it lathers OK, you can barely smell the amazing oils it contains. It's all about the smell for me with shower gels and this one just didn't deliver which, for the price, you'd expect it to. Such a shame, very disappointing :( my search for the perfect shower gel continues.

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Revive Body Wash

No stars I am afraid but the review needed me to put at least 1 in. I love the candles by this Brand as well as the oils but the wash has virtually no scent at all.

I visited the shop in Knightsbridge a few weeks ago and talked to the shop manager about the lack of scent in the washes. I tried smelling all the testers and the are exactly the same - virtually no scent.

The new roll on oils have veery little scent also. So come on AA please increase the scent in your products to match the fantastic body oils otherwise I will need to go elsewhere as I like to layer

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Luxurious start to the day

I just love the spa smell and especially in winter this product brightens up my morning - starting the day with this in the shower feels luxurious and fresh.

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