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Despite what you may think, face oils are suitable for those with skin at the combination / oily end of the spectrum too!

Absolution Addiction Face Oil

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Wonderful things can happen when you combine effective ingredients and beautiful design. Example A is for Absolution. Certified organic, this unisex line of skincare products is an easily combined range that can be adjusted to suit the needs of your skin on any particular day. Absolution Addiction Facial Oil is a combination of 27 oils and extracts that gently treat your skin and provide all the necessary nutrients, reducing dryness, irritation and discomfort. High in vitamin E, this oil will moisturise and tone the skin without leaving a greasy residue. 30ml.

How to Use

Warm 3 drops in your hand and rub hands together to develop fragrance. Apply to damp skin using small upward movements. Apply moisturiser after, if desired.

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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

A 5 star facial treat.

Having tried a few facial oils on the beauty market, I just wasn't convinced and went back to using cream. However absolute has changed my mind. I love the smell and the feel of my skin after using this product. A five star product. I use this now every morning.

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This is one of my new favourite products. It smells lovely and really feels like it's working, it doesn't stay oily and dries in a few minutes.

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Like it

I needed more than the recommended 3 drops (maybe I've just got a big face?!) but it does go on beautifully & absorbs well.

I normally switch between face oils by Sanctuary (more bank balance friendly) & ishga (only when I've just been paid) and this is a nice in between range.

Leaves my skin feeling refreshed, bright and soft

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Quite simply the best product i have ever used

This face oil is wonderful, its smells like your favourite expensive facial in a top salon and glides on to hydrate, moisturise and make your face sing, I love it and never want to be without it again!

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